Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

As a 2nd grade teacher, I realize that birthdays are important! Just about every child that has a birthday during the school year wants to bring in cupcakes on their birthday! Cupcakes are a hit and all the kids love them.

However, if there are 20 kids in the class, and 15 of them have a birthday during the school year, that's 15 cupcakes a year! They are messy, hard for the kids to carry to school, and most of the kids can't finish the entire cupcake. (And-I'm sure they take a good bit of time to make and frost.)

Great solution - make cookies! A student this year brought in homemade M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies, and they were fabulous! It was easy for him to carry on the bus, easy to pass out, and everyone ate their whole cookie. (I'm sure it took his mom less time to make than cupcakes.) I loved the idea and thought I would share with you!

More tips at Rocks in My Dryer.


  1. Wow, you're lucky the school still accepts homemade goodies! My stepdaughter's school won't accept anything homemade and even if it's store-bought it better not be opened!

  2. I've never met a child that couldn't finish off a cupcake, lol! Cookies are lots of fun too. This year I'm going to try to send in healthier snacks altogether. Blessings, Whitney

  3. I loved making cupcakes for my older two kids but the last year before we moved to "no homemade goodies" land I did make cookies. They were just as big a hit at the cupcakes! Great idea! :-)