Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm out of creative titles

I had such a great weekend! Right after school on Friday (which was Johnny Appleseed Day, by the way) I drove to my friend Melody's house. Her church had Fee in concert! And to make it even better, Melody and her church's praise band opened for Fee. It was such a great concert!

But more than that, Steve (see I how I pretend we're on a first name basis?) made sure we understood from the beginning that this wasn't a concert; it was a time of PRAISE! And I was so thankful he said that, because I was all, "Wow he's so cute I can't believe I'm so close and I can see every drop of sweat and man he must be hot to be sweating that much but gosh he's cute."

So, I evidently needed the reminder about why I was there. Poor Denee was on the edge of a little mosh pit! Some of the kids evidently needed a reminder too!

The band did such a good job. They usually play for crowds of thousands but they didn't seem to do less just because it was a smaller group. I absolutely loved it! My favorite song they did has to be "We Shine."

Denee and I spent the night with Melody, had a fun day of "shopping" on Saturday (I say "shopping" because we didn't really buy anything) and then we headed back home.

On a sad note, I had a little sad event happen on my way home. I was driving through the boonies, and there were no houses or other roads in the area. I saw a dog walking on the side of the road. He didn't have a collar on, and as I passed he lay down right by the road. Well, if you know me, I have a huge heart for animals. I drove about a mile, trying to decide if I could just leave him.

As soon as there was an opportunity to turn around, I did. I just couldn't stand to leave him there. I got there and called him, and he walked toward me, tail wagging. He seemed friendly, and like I said, there were no houses around. All I could figure was that he was lost, because he didn't seem like a stray dog. But he must have been lost for a while, because he was dirty and had some bloody spots on his back like he had gotten hurt.

So, I pulled my seat forward, and tried to get him to climb in. No luck. Went around to the passenger side, tried to get him to get in that way. Nope. He didn't mind me petting him and talking to him, but he wouldn't get close to the car. I didn't have anyway to get him in the car...and it was getting dark. I didn't want to force him because I didn't know if he'd bite. And he was way too big to pick up.

I had to leave him :( I felt terrible but I didn't have a choice! I still find myself thinking of him and praying for him.

On Sunday, my sister Karlie came and picked me up for lunch! She is 15, so that's why that is so cool. Of course my mom was with her, but she was driving her new car...lucky girl! She's doing a great job learning how to drive.

If you read this whole thing you are a trooper! It was a great weekend even though I had a sad story to tell!

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  1. I have the same soft heart for animals! Especially dogs. I'm sure it was hard for you to leave him there. Surely he;ll find his way back home.