Monday, July 2, 2012

Currently July

I love doing these Currentlys!  So, for the "Reads" section, the first book is my favorite book to read aloud.  That is a really hard choice but I absolutely love The Great Gracie Chase by Cynthia Rylant.  It is about a dog that runs away, and let's just say I've had a few Great Toby Chases in my days! Not to mention Romeo, Lucky, and Daisy chases!

The second book is supposed to be my go to educational book, but I have to say that even though I've ordered and read many, there isn't one that I really go back to or love.  I LOVE researching teaching things on my favorite blogs and getting lesson ideas on Pinterest though...

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  1. Stopping by from Oh'Boy 4th Grade! I love waking up without an alarm clock too! Did you just get out for the summer?
    Special Teaching in the Middle

  2. Hi Katie!

    I'm one of 4 girls as well! :) I'm with you on the yardwork. It is not happening in this heat!

    :) Abby @ Third Grade Bookworm

  3. Check out the blog, The Best Endings. It is a whole bunch of book reviews, written by teachers. Maybe that would help you find a book.

    Chickadee Jubilee
    The Best Endings

  4. here's to no alarm!!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥

  5. Hiya! Stopping over from Oh Boy 4th Grade where I saw your post. I love Cynthia Rylant but have never read that book. I will definitely have to check it out. No alarm is a sweet, sweet thing! Happy 4th!