Friday, September 5, 2008

Storm Party!

Yeah, just kidding! But, we were released at 10:30 today and the mood in the schoolhouse was pure joy. Never mind that we have a bit of a storm coming! Actually, everyone is pretty sure that Tropical Storm Hanna isn't much to be worried about, so we are glad to "sacrifice" a few hours of teaching in order to get out early! (Originally, we were supposed to dismiss at 12:30, but at 8:30 they announced the change. We had "lunch" at 9:30! If you serve lunch, you don't have to make up the school day.)

On the other hand, Hurricane Ike looks a bit ominous. Not like those of you reading this don't already know that. I think you'd have to be living under a rock not to know all about these storms. The meteorologists are having so much fun with all the extra air time.

Update on school...This week has been much better! Praise God! The Lord has answered my prayers in this area so much. I have felt like an effective teacher this week. I have taught and assessed and had small groups and everything that makes me feel as though I'm really getting through to the kids.

I'm getting to know my students better, although many of them still feel like strangers to me. I know that will keep improving.

I've already planned for next week and I'm trying to stuff a lot into the school day. It seems like this class is so on top of things that I have to plan more than I did last year. This class works quickly and needs to be kept busy.

Funny and cute moment today:
A student asked why they give hurricanes names. I started to explain that sometimes there is more than one at a time, and each storm is different.

I said, "for example, right now there are three storms, Hanna, Ike, and...I can't think of the other name."

S jumps up and says, "That would be Tropical Storm Josephine, which is west of the Cape Verde Islands which is near Africa."

Um, hello, he is in SECOND GRADE!! (I didn't even know how to spell Cape Verde, I had to look it up! I'm sure he knows.)

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