Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time to break out the winter garmets

This is very exciting.

In other news, tomorrow I start parent-teacher conferences. I'm fully prepared with a form for every child with notes indicating their strengths and areas of need. I've got all the logs ready for parents to sign. I've got my appointments scheduled in 20 minute increments.

And yet, I will still have butterflies when the parents show up tomorrow! It is overwhelming talking to parents, knowing that this is their baby and they love this little person so much and want them to succeed. I want the parents to know that I'm on THEIR TEAM! I want the kids to learn and grow and make friends and be happy too!

But sometimes, it feels as though parents think I'm the opposite.

Hopefully tomorrow will go well! I really will have an easy job tomorrow, not too many problems that I need to talk about. I'll let you know...

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