Sunday, September 21, 2008

The weekend dl

I had a great weekend! I was sitting on my couch doing absolutely nothing, happily, on Friday night, when I got a phone call from Kelly. She wanted to know if she could spend the night. What a great surprise! We stayed up late talking and planning our Saturday. Saturday morning we went to get our toenails painted, out to lunch, then on a bit of a shopping spree. We went to AC Moore, Hancock Fabrics, The Loft, and a kitchen store. It was FUN! When I got home, I started working on some projects, which I'll save to tell you about on Friday.


Every girl loves a good before and after picture, don't we?

Now I'm off to hem some pants I bought at the Loft. I'm going to have to cut off probably 8 inches from each leg. It's the story of a short girl.

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  1. And we tall girls are constantly searching hems of pants to see if we can pull them down.