Monday, May 14, 2012

Random thoughts from my reading

- the standard of holy living has been so low among Christians that the least degree of real devoted ness of life and walk is looked upon with surprise
- followers of Jesus are satisfied with a life conformed to the world
- this should not be so, we should seek God first, surrendering everything that would interfere with his call on our lives
- we must be gentle, meek, yielding, doing things only for the glory of God not ourselves
- cross, anxious, gloomy, cruel, selfish, self-indulgent Christians are not Christlike Christians
- we must be peculiar

- from The Christian's Secret by Hannah Whitall Smith

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Characteristics of believers

I just got a new Bible and I thought I'd do a study of what the bible says Christians should be like. I thought I should put it in first person so that I could apply it better. Here goes...

1. I should listen to Jesus' voice - John 10:3-4 the sheep know their shepherd's voice

2. I should be humble - a word study of this word showed that the Greek didn't exactly have a word for this concept, but in the study notes of my Bible it says something like, "humility is the antidote to self-love that poisons human relationships." Boy, is that good stuff. Another word the Bible uses that is similar to humility is meekness. "A gentle attitude that is patiently submissive in every offense while having no desire for revenge or retribution." (from the notes on Galatians 5)

3. I should be gentle. This goes along with humility. Matthew 5:5 - blessed are the gentle...gentleness is the opposite of being in control, and giving control to God.

4. I should live at peace with others - Romans 12:17-21. Overcome evil with good. Gosh is that hard to do sometimes. It says in verse 18 "if possible, live at peace with all men." I take that to mean that I should do EVERYTHING possible to be at peace with others. I can't control their actions, but I can control mine.

This is just a start, and plenty for me to work on!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Shower!

I thought I'd post a few pictures of a baby shower I had for my bff Kelly and her baby Marshall!  I had just a week to plan the shower and get everything together!  It was rushed but it ended up being a great party.

Pantry Re-do!

So a couple of weekends ago I finally decided to tackle the wreck that was my pantry.  I clean it out probably once a year but it soon gets back to a mess because (I'm passing the blame here) it's a really poorly designed pantry.  The shelves are so deep that you can't really tell what is back there.  I think it was originally a broom closet that some previous owner changed over.  Here you can see the before picture, which shows the top and bottom of my pantry.  (I was too lazy to change the lens on my camera so I couldn't get the whole thing in one shot!)

So after taking the before pictures, I unloaded everything onto the kitchen table.  It was FULL and I don't really even cook!  Soon I filled up two garbage bags of expired canned goods, opened containers that had been open too long, and food that I don't know how it got in there because I would never eat it!

Then I categorized all the food into groups:  spices and seasonings, paper goods (left over from parties and such), canned veggies, canned soups, etc.  After browsing pinterest I decided I would buy plastic containers for each thing.  I already had a two drawer rubbermaid container in the bottom of my pantry, that I would reorganize.

I went to shopping and got lots for about $20.  When I arranged them in my pantry I KNEW this would be the key, because now I can see exactly what I have without having to move things around.  The last step was to make labels.  I found a template and copied her style.  And made some new labels on cardstock. I taped them to the containers, and I was done!  Now every time I open my pantry I do a little happy dance!

If you would like the file of the labels you can click here!