Friday, February 1, 2013

SUYL from Kelly's Korner

This post was written by my wonderful friend Jill!

Katie and Jill
I have been a follower of Kelly's Korner for a few years.  I'm not sure if I'm drawn in by the day to day mothering aspect or the fact that she resides in my home state.  Woo Pig Sooie!!!  :-). I have always enjoyed her SUYL single day, and I shake my head...I have one of the best singles in my own circle of friends why, oh why am I just now introducing you to her!?!

I count it a privilege to introduce you to my friend Katie.  She is a beautiful person inside and out!   I have known her for almost 6 years, and she has been a huge blessing in our church’s life, in my life, and in my family’s life.  My girls LOVE Ms. Katie!  She is so many things, but in the end she is simple.

She loves the Lord and serves Him faithfully.

She loves her family.

Katie, on the left, with her mom and sisters
She loves her friends.

She loves children.  She has been an elementary school teacher for 9 years.

 She has a heart for missions, especially for Thailand.  She has spent three of her summer breaks in Thailand teaching English to children. 

And last but not least, she loves her four legged furry friend Toby!  Such a lucky dog. :-)

This is a girl who deserves the best.  If you’re not the best, I will kindly ask you not to contact her.  Yes, I'm that serious. :-)

Thank you Katie for allowing me to occupy your blog and introduce you to the SUYL single day. :-). I love ya!