Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Laughter is great medicine

Today has been fine, but not exactly light-hearted. Sometimes all you need is a good laugh!

I had to treat Toby's ears because they stink! His ears are prone to infection because they are so long and never get air in them. So I read on the internet that it helps to pull the dog's ears back. I tried a number of things, laughing the whole time, because each time I did something, Toby would shake like crazy and the clips or barrettes would just fly out!

Finally, I got a scrunchy and put it around his head! It sounds cruel but its loose and it works!

But I crack up every time I see him! He looks so funny without his pretty ears and with his new "necklace!"

PS His eyes look a little freaky in these pictures...but that's not how they look in real life!


  1. HAHAHA I love it!!! You're so creative. I do feel a lil bad for Tobes. But he'll thank you in the long run!

  2. That's a great idea!
    I've heard that dogs ears can get stinky, but I've never experience it. We have three dogs, so I'm sure at some point, we'll have stinky ears around here. In the meantime and as a preventative, I'll be trying out the scrunchy method. Maybe while they're sleeping or very tired and relaxed.

  3. Katie I love it, poor Toby doesn't even know how funny he looks.

  4. it looks like you dumped a bucket of powder on him....why does he look like that? did you try one of your photo effects on toby too? :)