Monday, August 3, 2009

...from the missionary's blog

What can a person do in 6 weeks of teaching in a Thai school?

After her shock of sleeping on a pallet on the floor each night, “squatty potties” (toilets), and cold dip baths, Katie adjusted well. Living at the school in one of the houses provided for teachers has been good for Katie. She has learned to eat a variety of Thai foods daily with the teachers . Many times trying to smile while eating foods she didn’t like. In the evening she exercised with them.

At her desk, Katie had her Bible, Christian tracts, and an Evangi-Cube. During long breaks, she read her Bible and did a Bible Study. When students and teachers asked her about what she was doing, Katie had an opportunity to tell them about God. During her English classes, Katie taught songs like “My God is so big” to her students too. Before leaving to return to America, her students lined the way out of the school to say “Goodbye” to her.

During her time here, Katie has had opportunity to get close to two teachers, A. Nit and A. Biap. As she got closer to these teachers, they opened up and told her about their struggles in life. Her housemate, Nit, wanted a Bible to read and has been asking questions about what she has read. Nit was impressed by the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew chapter one because of her Chinese background. Once back in America, Katie will keep in contact with her new Thai friends and will be emailing some favorite scripture verses for A. Nit to read. Another teacher, who was closed, has begun asking questions, as well. Two students have shown interest in God and asked for a visit and more Christian literature.

Before leaving a teacher told Katie, “Thank you for coming and bringing so much good to our school.”

What can a person do in 6 weeks in a Thai school? They can be a good friend and share the love Jesus with others.


  1. So proud of you! I'm amazed at what you've done. You are so brave and wonderful!

  2. It is amazing what God can do! In a situation such as this, God helps us grow and uses that growth in the lives of those around us.

  3. You never know what great things will be accomplished when you are an instrument of the Holy Spirit! :)

  4. Hi katie.... I am a teacher from a Plaipaya Wittayakhom school.My name is Tanyapong.
    Do you remember me please?. Anyone here thinking of you. I hope you'll come back here again.I do not speak good English. You can contact me via email: or my skype: Tanjro