Friday, May 20, 2011

I can see it so clearly...

She walks in, hair wind blown, of course, from having her windows down. (No matter how hot it is - that's the way to drive she says.)  Her huge smile graces her face showing bright white teeth.  She hugs me, teasing me at the way I don't squeeze very hard. So she squeezes harder, giving me a little back scratch with her short nails. I squeeze back, giggling.  I notice how warm she is, from having the windows down and the sun shining on her.  She's holding a cup, seems like she always walked in with a cup.  Don't know what was in it ;)  She talks of her latest love:  scuba diving, tattoos, cooking, gardening, making soap from scratch, whatever it may be.  She's got her phone with her, ready to text back with her help if the restaurant is having a problem.  She raves about whatever we are eating.  She uses the word, "awesome."  She glows.  She radiates.  She shines. She's lovely, she really is. 

And I miss her. So much it hurts.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Looong Time!

This is mostly a post to make sure that I can blog from my iPad, since that's what I'll be doing this summer while I'm in THAILAND!!!!!

(Not that I'm excited or anything.)

I have three weeks left of school with my fourth graders. I have had some of them since second grade, so it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to them. But, at this point, I'm just focusing on getting through these next crazy weeks.

Then, I'll be leaving for Thailand on June 14 for about six weeks. I really hope to do better at blogging this time around. Last time, my access to computers was sketchy and random. Hopefully, having my iPad will make all the difference!

I will finish this little test post with a picture that makes me smile!

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