Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

Online Bible Study Tools!
  • For years I have been using BibleGateway. This one is great for looking up different topics (do you want to know what God says about heaven or marriage? Just type it in!) Also, you can check out different translations. My favorite is to compare The Message to a traditional version like NIV. It really helps to study the Word.

  • I just learned about Study Light. I could jump up and down, it excites me so much! You can do the same things as on Bible Gateway, but more. You can look at the original Hebrew or Greek. You can do word studies like looking up the Hebrew word for "redeemer," reading the Hebrew definition, and then find out other places this word is found. It also has several commentaries that you can check out to further dig into the Word.

There are other tools such as BibleTools and Crosswalk, but I am not very familiar with them. My advice is to go and click around some of these sites. I think you will be amazed at what you will find.

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  1. WOW! I'd never heard of Study Light before! This is GREAT!!! I have used Blue Letter Bible for the Greek/Hebrew, but I always have to search it on King James (and I read NIV or NASB). This is wonderful! I'm bookmarking this site right now. Thank you!!!

  2. I agree with Rachel. I just bookmarked the site and plan to use it in the future! That is really awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hey guys!

    Thanks for this great post and for mentioned Bible Study Tools. I now use BST for my Bible reading and study because of all the translations they offer - KJV, NIV, ESV, NASB, ASV, and about 20 others. I use the lexicons, apocrypha, commentaries, and concordances too. What I like most though about this site that you don't find with others is that you can create your own study Bible - I highlight and underline verses, create reading plan, and take notes in the margins. The program saves all this for you - for free.

    Check it out! Bible Study Tools - burgundry, tans, and brown layout Bible Study Tools - blue and yellow layout