Friday, July 18, 2008

Disney, Day 2

Today was absolutely perfect! It was overcast and a bit rainy, so the park wasn't very crowded. The longest we had to wait was 30 minutes! Epcot was a blast! It had a lot of "educational" rides but they were very fun. At about 3, it started to POUR down rain! We didn't want to just sit inside, so we got soaked! It was worth it though. We ended up leaving at about 5 because we were exhausted. We went to Chili's for dinner. Yum!

Some of today's highlights:
  • Mission Space where you experience an "intense" space training mission to mars! You are in a little space craft and you take off into space. You actually experience the g-forces. Very cool!
  • Spaceship Earth where you get to "see" yourself in the future!
  • Soarin' where you feel like you are hang gliding over the country. You dip down over different areas in the country including a river, a lemon orchard (smell lemons), and a desert.
  • Living with the Land is a boat ride through a greenhouse. They actually have scientists who are experimenting with growing plants in new ways. There was a tomato tree and a nine pound lemon tree!
  • Ice Station Cool where you sample Coke from all over the world! I think my favorite was Coke from Costa Rico!
We also visited Mexico and Norway! We still have 9 more countries that we hope to check out tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will go to Animal Kingdom in the morning to head out on a safari, and then in the afternoon we will take the monorail back to Epcot to finish it up. There was just too much to see in one day!

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