Monday, July 21, 2008

Disney, Day 3

Animal Kingdom!

This is an AWESOME park! The design of the park is so neat...the foliage and the plants and flowers are just beautiful. There are animals everywhere you turn, so it is like a zoo and amusement park in one. I'm a huge animal lover, so this was a great park for me.

The first thing we did was a safari. (This was my favorite experience yet!) You actually go through "Africa" in a jeep! The animals can come right up to the jeep, and we had great luck seeing animals. One thing that my mom and I love is the 3-d shows! We saw the "Bug's Life" show and it was hilarious, if not a little alarming at times because of all the surprises that happened during the show.
(In the first picture with the rocks you can see a lioness stretched out on the second rock. Look for the tiger stretched on her back, and the momma and baby giraffe. The last picture is of a gorilla bachelor!)

All around GREAT day! It was definitely steamy and hot, so we did leave early and, after a shower and a rest, went for shopping and dinner.


  1. Great pictures!

    I can't wait to take my kids to looks like you're having a blast!