Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy busy weekend

Friday...Fourth of July! It was a big day for my church. We had a celebration and about 500 people came! It was a work day for those in our church! Although it was fun and we did get time to enjoy the day, it was definitely a time to have a servant-heart and not worry about yourself!

I worked at the concessions and mostly worked the popcorn machine. (glamorous!) Then it was time to set up the dinner. After that I had time to be with my family who had come out. One of my cousins swam and played on the water toys, another cousin and his girlfriend rode horses. My aunt and grandparents watched the bluegrass band play. It was a really nice day weather-wise and they had misting fans set up to cool us down. When it got dark we had an awesome fireworks show. I tried to take pictures but of course they don't do the fireworks justice. (That's my cousin David walking, well, crawling, down the plank!)

After dinner everyone from church got busy and we had the place cleaned up in no time! I couldn't wait to get home and shower. I thought I was tired but I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. Then, when I did want to sleep, my dog Toby had other plans!

Saturday...a day of rest! I spent most of the day sleeping thanks to my dear dog! Oh the joys of parenthood (wink, wink)

Sunday...Old Fashioned Tent Meeting, Pie Social, and Southern Gospel concert. We had church outside in a tent! It was so neat to be out in the field with horses as we worshipped! It was hot, but my pastor said, what do you expect for a day in July? Everyone brought a picnic lunch and a pie to share. My grandparents came with me and my grandma brought the pie, although we didn't get a chance to try hers. :(

Then, the Hayes Family from NC put on a concert. I'm usually not a southern gospel fan but I guess being out in the tent just put me in the mood! They really sounded great and it was a time of worship.

So I've just about had my fill of being outdoors for a while now! I much prefer being in the AC with no insects or no humidity, but it was worth it. I hope you had a nice 4th of July!

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