Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life is full...

That is the best way I can describe my life lately. It is so full of excitement (about Thailand) family, friends, work, and getting ready for the holidays. I had the best weekend I've had in a while! If its any indication, I went through a whole tank of gas from Thursday-Monday! I do have a small tank, but still, that's a whole lotta driving.

Friday night I went to a women's get-together with church, called the "Art of Abundance." We really do have an abundance of blessings. We shared a meal and had a devotion, and then shared the things we are thankful for this year. One poignant moment was when our pastor's wife reminded us to be thankful for our thorns as well as our blossoms. There were many women in the room that have had some thorns this year, but they are able to look at them with grateful hearts and see what God has done. We also had a cooking demonstration and then we made centerpieces for later in the weekend.

On Saturday I went to volunteer at a Thanksgiving dinner for the 17th Regent. This group of military men and their families meet monthly. This was their last meeting before they leave for Iraq. It was so good to do something for these families who give up so much for us.

Then I went and had a yummy dinner with my family, and watched a movie and stayed up late with my mom. So fun!

Sunday was church, then stayed with my friend Kelly for the afternoon, then the Thanksgiving meal for church. I had such a difficult task for the meal: bring 4 cans of cranberry sauce. Wow, they have so much faith in my cooking abilities! Just kidding! But I did end up helping Kelly a little with her contributions, so I felt better!

The meal was AWESOME. And the best part was after, when we praised God through song. We have so much to be thankful for. Then we were invited to share what we are thankful for. I'm too shy to speak up, but let me just say I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving. When I look back on this year...I can't even tell you all the prayers that God has answered in my life and in others lives that I have prayed for.

At this exact moment, I am most thankful that I'm done with school for 5 days!

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