Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Compassion bloggers

This week, a group of bloggers are in the Dominican Republic. They are going with Compassion International. Last year when a different group went to Uganda what they shared moved me so much that I decided to sponsor a child.

That's a picture of Titus, "my" seven year old from Uganda. My $32 a month provides for his education, health care, food, church-based recreation, and the opportunity to learn about Jesus. Titus and I are pen pals and I've heard from him 4 times since sponsoring him.

You can click here or on the picture on my sidebar if you want to read about their trip. My favorite blogger that is on the trip is Big Mama.

Think about sponsoring a child. Your $32 can go so far in countries like Uganda and the Dominican Republic. And for me, that's about 2 meals out a month. Easy for me to decide!

(If you are skeptical like I am, I did my research before signing up! Here's a link to a site that ranks charities. You can see the percentage of money that goes to the kids versus advertising and administrative expenses.)

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