Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I miss them

I miss my students from last year.

I miss their cute personalities.

I miss the bonds I had with them.

I miss the way they understood me, knew what I expected, knew all about me.

I miss the way I understood them, knew their abilities, knew their weaknesses.

I miss their maturity and the way I could joke around with them.

I miss the way I understood how to teach them. I knew just the way they needed to learn and tried to teach them that way.

I miss knowing all about their families.

I miss knowing what certain looks on their faces meant.

I miss their parents who seemed to genuinely care about me.

I KNOW that all of these things will come with time with my current class.

Its just hard to start all over again.

Experienced teachers, is it always like this? Does it get easier?


  1. This may be bad to say, but you don't get as attached as time goes on. You do, but ... you'll see. At least I don't get as attached. Until I see them years later out in public, and I am so excited. And they don't seem to know who I am!! What is that about??

  2. I miss my old class at the beginning of every year. I get so frustrated when this year's kids don't do the things last year's kids knew to do. Starting all over each year with a new group of strangers is hard for me every year, but trust me, it will get better! And next year, you'll be feeling the same way about this class you have now!