Friday, August 15, 2008

Met the students

And they are going to be great! I met 18 out of 20 kids, and that is seriously impressive for a Meet the Teacher night. I think it is very indicative of the kids and families in my class! I can't wait to get to know all of them.

I have to admit that my heart is still attached to my kids from last year. So many came to visit and they were just so cute...I miss them! But, I know that the same thing will happen this year. It just takes a little while.

I'm going to start praying for my kids, and praying about my love for them. I want to love every single one of them and nurture their little hearts.

Here are some pictures of my room, this may be the last time it will be so clean once the kids "move in!"


  1. Hello! So nice to meet you! Wow- you did meet almost all of your kids! That is wonderful. I have about 70 total, and met around 50, so that is pretty good at the middle level. Thanks for leaving the comment! Come back and see us again soon. : )

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  3. Your room looks great, Katie! Good luck tomorrow!!!!!