Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trial = ?

I just watched Larry King Live with Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. Their daughter, Maria, died in May... and I was amazed by their faith.

Then I read this:

The strength of the vessel can be demonstrated only by the hurricane, and the power of the gospel can be fully shown only when the Christian is subjected to some fiery trial. If God would make manifest the fact that "He giveth songs in the night," He must first make it night. - William Taylor

He's quoting Job 35:10.

Now, I've experienced a bit of trial in my life. Nothing like that of the Chapmans or Job, but painful nonetheless. And I can say without a doubt that God's power was shown through that trial. I know Him in a deeper way because I've had to trust in Him, it seemed at the time, for every single breath.

Something to think about...

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