Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Our first day back to school was today and we have to bring a clean pair of socks. With all the creative minds in the room...we had lots of ideas of how we would use those socks. But we never guessed the reason: we went on a field trip to a bowling alley! And I scored a whopping 19 points!

It was fun and of course there were all sorts of parallels that our principals described between bowling and teaching. You wouldn't guess it, but there's lots. :)

I have yet to get a full class list but I've got a little info, good and ... lets just say interesting.

  • I have 5, five! teacher's children! It is very flattering because teachers get to request a teacher, so that means a lot. It also means that I better really be on my toes and mind all my p's and q's and all that. Not that I wouldn't do that normally, but there's just extra pressure.
  • I had a mom call me today and she wanted to know if there's anything EXTRA I need that's not on my class list. Whoa! She also let me know that she would be happy to help out in any way. How cool is that!?
  • I have a very special child in my room. I'm very nervous about this...I've never had a student like this and I hope I can not only handle him but make a difference.
I will meet my students and parents on Friday night~wish me luck!

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