Monday, August 4, 2008

Put this one down in the record books

I. Cooked. For. Myself.

Yes, this is a monumental event!

For some reason I decided that I would make chicken tacos tonight. They were delicious! And I was the only one who ate them.

Now, in the past, I was pretty good about cooking dinner, but that was for someone else and me. I enjoyed the whole sit-down-at-the-table thing. But that kind of loses its charm when its just one person sitting at the table! And when there's no one else to eat, who cares if you have cereal or oatmeal or even ice cream for dinner on occasion? I know, I'm so healthy, right?

. . .

In other news, I went back to school today for the first day since summer school. I got a lot done and I just LOVE being in my classroom. I started getting things out and it was so nice because I didn't have to organize anything, I had already done it as I put it away. I'm excited about having an organized classroom this year. Last year I was organized, but this year I'm going to be ultra-organized. Haha I'm such a dork!

And I did my least favorite chore today: mowing the yard. Yuck! If I had the extra money I would definitely pay for lawn service.

One last thing: I ordered something exciting today! It is a 3 CD set with the David Crowder Band's Remedy Club Tour CD/DVD, Chris Tomlin's Hello Love, and Charlie Hall's The Bright Sadness. Those are some of my favorite groups and singers, so I would have probably ended up buying the songs off iTunes anyway. I can't wait for it to come it the mail! And it was free shipping!

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  1. What a day you have had! You're right--you packed about a week's worth of "activities" into 1 day. Cooking on top of it! I'd love to have tasted some of your chicken tacos. I'm sure they were delicious.

    Love, Mom