Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two days down!

I'm proud to say that my sister Kelly and I have completed TWO, yes TWO, days of working out!  And I have also spent two days eating very healthily.  Last night I had a dream (after my amazing workout) that I had already lost a ton of weight and my pants were lose. Then I woke up and remembered that I had only completed one amazing workout and even though miracles have been know to happen they didn't happen for me last night.  I'm pretty sore tonight thanks to a machine that Kelly and I call the crazy bike.  This thing is really crazy and I'm sure I look pretty manic when I'm using it!

School was GOOD today.  I know! It was so great I was wondering who had replaced my kids??!  Well, I did have one kid scream out "what the f..!" when I asked him to put his homework in his bookbag, but you can't ask for perfection right?

I also spent some time watching Passion again tonight and it was so good.  I watched Francis Chan preach and he is so passionate and real that I just love listening to him.  One soundbite from his talk:  "I'm going to BEG you to read this book (Bible).  Be consumed by it. Read it for yourself."  It reminded me of something that is said a lot at my church that is the answer to so many questions:  "It's the Word. It's the Word. It's the Word."  I forget that but it is true.  Every time I open the word I realize how true it is.

I found a new blog today:  Equip and Empower.  She said that things are hard to do when you say that you HAVE to do them.  For example, I have to workout.  I have to do my Bible study.  I have to go to church.  They are much easier when you say that you WANT to do them.  I want to be healthy.  I want to grow to be more like Jesus. I want to spend time with the Lord.  So, I'm going to work on changing my thinking.  Instead of HAVING to do things, I'm going to WANT to do them.

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