Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Years resolutions update

I thought I'd take a look periodically to see how I'm doing on my goals for 2012!  Some of them are just tasks that I want to finish, but if I don't keep looking at this list then I won't get them finished!

  1. Decorate and paint the laundry room. nope
  2. Decorate and paint my bathroom.  started painting my bathroom grey today
  3. Begin a new classroom management plan so that I can go less crazy. (I already picked one out. More on this later.) Done! It's going ok.
  4. Blog  Doing pretty well at this, haven't blogged everyday.
  5. Clean the garage and paint the inside wall. Did the first part!
  6. Lose lbsssss (and go to the gym). Been going to the gym and eating better, but no weight loss yet
  7. Fix up my lighthouse picture frame so that it better matches my living room colors. Nope
  8. Finish my current Beth Moore Bible study and at least one other one. Nope
  9. Save $$ each month for a new car. Nope
  10. Use more green/homemade cleaning stuff. Made my own clothes detergent, bought spray bottles to make cleaning spray
 Not too bad for only being 17 days into the new year! I'll keep working on it!

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