Monday, January 16, 2012

In Asheville, part 2

We had such a great time together in Asheville. It was a perfect kind of getaway and a way to celebrate Kristen's birthday without being sad.  We saw dragonflies everywhere and we were constantly saying, "what would Kristen think of this?" and "Kristen would love this!"  It was fun. 

I have to share one story that perfectly illustrates our relationship (me, mom, kelly)!  Saturday morning we were headed out to see the Biltmore.  I was driving Karlie's XTerra, which she can't use because she's a freshman at college.  First, I had to do about a 13 point turn in the snow and ice to back out of our cabin parking spot.  So we start driving toward Asheville, following mom's trusty GPS. We get about 3 minutes down the road, and I start getting hay fever, you know when the top of your mouth starts itching?  Then, my nose starts itching, and I tell them that it feels like I'm inhaling cat hair! (I'm really allergic to cats.)  So, I'm driving and I start hacking and sneezing and my mom is telling Kelly to be ready to do a trach on me.  It was getting really bad and we couldn't figure out why I was having such a bad allergic reaction.  So I pull over at the next exit and we pull in to a really sketchy looking gas station.  Before I could even get my car door open, mom was at the door of the gas station. I don't think I've ever seen her move so fast!  Unfortunately,  all that store had was bendryl (which would put me right to sleep) and drug paraphernalia. (I'm serious!)

So mom made Kelly drive and we got back on the road. At the intersection, Kelly yells out, "Which way?? North or south?" and for some reason I adamantly yell, "North!" Which of course wasn't the right way.  So we had to turn around at the next exit.

Eventually we got some daytime allergy medicine for me, I felt better, and we got to the Biltmore! But not before mom told me her plan if I actually did stop breathing (she was going to stab a pen into my neck to create an airway.)  Such adventures!

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  1. You betcha I would have too! But so relieved I didn't have to. Couldn't imagine a week-end could be so fun. Thanks to all!