Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some thoughts

On Tuesday I will be getting on a plane to travel to Thailand! This will be my third trip.  When I look that this map it just blows my mind! (I made this map to show the kids at church.)  Here is how my trip will go:  from Charleston to D.C., then to Tokyo, then to Bangkok to spend the night in an incredibly fancy hotel, then fly to Krabi (southwest Thailand) the next day!  A total of 25 hours of traveling!  I think about missionaries years ago, and the trip they had to take! It would have taken months to get to Asia, and I fret about 25 hours! 

I'm thinking about the foreign culture and how interesting everything is to me. I just LOVE Thai culture and everything I see is a feast for my eyes. I only wish I could read Thai! But even seeing the foreign lettering everywhere is interesting for me. It really never gets old for me.  Here are some pictures that will hopefully show you what I mean.  You can click on the pictures to see them better.

 A Buddhist temple
 An English poster at school (can't wait to try this recipe!)
 Girls at a Bible study - eager to learn!  We are sitting in a hut (I don't know what else to call it.)  A lot of the homes I visited in the country have these huts outside in front of their house and that's where we usually sit to visit. Also, notice the blue washing machine behind the girls! 
 Learning a Christian song with hand movements.  Notice all of the trees behind them.  I *think* those are rubber trees.
 Fancy traffic light in the city of Krabi
 Floating market
City street - notice this motorcycle's attachment. Also notice how many motorcycles there are!  I took this picture from a tuk-tuk (3 wheeled taxi).
 Making a bracelet of jasmine for me at my friend's house
Sidewalk market

I just want to express how INTERESTING everything is!  That is part of the fun of traveling to another country!

I have been praying for my trip for months and I will share some of those prayers with you on my next post.

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