Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Bangkok!

Well here I am! I didn't know I'd have time to post so soon but I'm at the hotel and have a few hours before I head back to the airport to fly to Krabi so I thought why not!

The flight was great, no delays or anything and I slept a lot and ate weird airplane food :)

Here are some interesting pictures to share.

Bible and Buddhist book in hotel drawer.Those Gideons are working hard!

Fancy smancy bathroom with shower and bathtub

Sigh... :)

Good to know there is Cartoon Network here! Lol

View out of the window, the airport is on the left.

And last but not least, the very impressive toilets in Tokyo. :)))))

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Location:Mu Ban Park View City,Bang Phli,Thailand


  1. Katie, so glad that you made it safely to Bangkok. Thinking about you and praying for you. Keep us posted. Love, Aunta

  2. Thank you Aunta! Love you too!