Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

There aren't too many tv shows that I must see, but "ER" is one! I absolutely love it and totally get into the drama of their lives. I also love all the medical stuff and can tell you a whole bunch of terms that I don't understand - "get me a cbc, chem 7 and piggyback the ansef!"

OK I better get to the point! "ER" comes on at 10pm, and that is past my bedtime, at least during the school year. I've missed out on this whole season because I no longer have a DV-R.

So -! You can find all kinds of shows there, from old school stuff like McGyver to the latest episodes of ER!

No ads, no interruptions. Only thing, you might have to deal with Japanese subtitles!
It works best with Firefox or Safari, so don't go there on Internet Explorer.

Happy viewing! Check out Rocks in My Dryer for more tips.


  1. NICE discovery! I have never heard of it, but will check it out! Thanks.

  2. I love watching tv on my computers lol Thats how I make it thru my exercises!!!! lol I normally go to or or .. they have all the shows there too... sometimes a 15 sec or so commercial.. but you are right.. tv on the computer is great..!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for keeping me in the real world. I am so not tv oriented however, if you can convert it to compty friend, hmmmm, I might consider joining the rest of the free world. Very Cool!

  4. Thanks, our DVR broke months ago and I have missed so many shows! I'm an ER girl from the beginning. :-)

  5. Great tip!
    I'll check that out.
    Our dvr just bit the dust, so maybe some of the shows I didn't get caught up on yet will be on that site!