Friday, June 13, 2008


Yesterday I got some details on my summer school class. I was excited to have 8-10 kids because I would be able make a real difference. Lots of one on one and small group time. Then I opened my email and I see 15 names.

15 names? That's not a small group!

I hit the reply button to type some sort of tactful yet complaining email to my boss. Then, I thought, let me call Jodi. Jodi is a friend of mine with a very level head and a Christian heart. Let me see what she thinks.

If I want sympathy, this girl is the wrong one to go to! The first thing she says is, "You should be thankful for the job." Hmmph. Not what I want to hear. I want someone to complain along with me!

The more we talked the more she made me realize that I should be thankful. Another teacher who had wanted to teach summer school had received a call this week and was told they wouldn't need her this summer.

So, I hit the X on the email. Then I remembered this verse that I have sitting in my car. "Do everything without complaining or arguing." (Philippians 2:14)

That's my challenge this summer! No matter what is thrown at me, I want to handle it with grace and patience.

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  1. you do an amazing job at not complaining! i realized this the whole time i was with you, i really don't think i heard one complaint...thumbs up!