Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

"Mom..I'm bored!"

Here's my suggestions, but I preface by saying that I'm not a mom! But I am a second grade teacher, so I guess I'm a little qualified!

  • Play school! Have your kids be the teachers, and have them make worksheets for you. Make some mistakes and challenge them to find out if you made a 100%.

  • Visit educational websites like and Read poetry from (check out "Potty Poems")and challenge your kids to write their own.

  • Go to the library! If you sign up on this website your kids can get FREE prizes for reading.

  • Practice skills that your kids learned this year at school by playing these games. Some are more fun than others but don't let all that learning go to waste this summer.

  • This is more for parents, but check out what your child will learn next year. It will help you understand what they are doing at school!


  1. Katie, I love the Storyline Online website. I've never heard of it before, but it looks WONDERFUL!

    So watch out, you'll be linked to again on Saturday!! (hee, hee)

  2. Hi Katie, Great blog! Did you used to live in Nashville? Or did you go to Uganda? Do you know Randy Elrod? I just met him for the first time in May. Thanks for the tips from a teacher- always helpful!