Thursday, June 12, 2008

Project complete!

OK-I admit, I didn't finish it until last night! I had to get some good procrastinating in and some nice time surveying the pile of correspondence before I could actually do anything.

See that notebook? I wrote down everything that I needed to do: emails to write, phone numbers to record, calls to make, etc., and then was able to throw away a ton of those papers. So I'm definitely going to use this notebook from now on and toss the papers right away.

I was on a roll, so I went ahead and tackled the laundry room (big time clutter!), kitchen, and bedroom. I was very happy with my work! Just take a look at these clean and clutter free surfaces! For some reason it makes me happy to see a surface with nothing on it! Anyone else that way?

Today's my last day of real freedom because I start summer school tomorrow. So I'm glad to get some cleaning done!

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