Sunday, May 25, 2008

Workin Hard

Just checking in with a little update...6 report cards finished and 17 to go! Actually, I have finished grades on all of them and now I'm working on comments. Which, by they way, are a huge pain! No more, "Is a pleasure to teach," or, "good luck next year," like I used to get on my report cards! We have to write a full paragraph...and some kids require 2 paragraphs!

And to update you on my Amazing Race planning, I met today with the planning team and we did some hardcore brainstorming and got a lot done. I have some research to do this week, and then next week we are going to get together again to write the clues. I'm so thankful! It was getting to be overwhelming to do on my own!

Well, I hope you have tomorrow off! I'm looking forward to doing some shopping and then celebrating my aunt's birthday with my family.

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