Tuesday, May 20, 2008

But who's counting?

10 and a half days of school! At this point it still seems like forever! My kids are going absolutely crazy today despite everything I'm trying. I need to be patient but I'm definitely having a hard time.

Just when I say to myself, I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO BE OUT! I realize, I'm really going to miss these kids. I'm not saying that just because that's what teachers are supposed to say! I really will miss them. For those of you who aren't teachers - I have gotten so close to my students, and its weird to just let them go.

Some of them I know will be fine in third grade. And others, I want to keep sheltered in my room for the rest of elementary school. I'm not perfect, but I'm also not a yeller or screamer. I don't demean my students or make them feel stupid. Unfortunately, some teachers do. That's why I want to keep some of those who need extra tlc.

I'm thinking of a handful of boys. This year, I hope I have been encouraging to those boys. I hope they know how much I love them and believe in them.

I'm not ready to let go.

PS - I'm dying to add some pictures of my adorable class but that would be a big no-no! So just imagine 23 beautiful faces :)


  1. You sound like a great teacher. Enjoy your summer break. All teachers deserve it!

  2. Wow Katie, I have to say that I completely understand the lack of patience. But, I'm not with you on wanting to keep them forever - it's time to let them fly!

  3. Katie you are such a great teacher! I love your class too... I'm sad I won't get to see them again before they "graduate" to 3rd grade. I'm sure you'll get a new bunch of adorable and hilarious kids next year. I love your blog too. I might need to start one!!