Friday, May 30, 2008

Tears already!

Today one of my sweet girls came in with a note saying that today is her last day! She is going with her grandma to Disney next week. I immediately teared up--she she is just so cute and I will really miss her!

Then, a little later, her grandma came in to make sure I got the news, and I started crying again! The grandma started saying how much J. loved me this year, etc., and the tears just came. I'm usually not this emotional!

It is really going to be ok, because I will see her this summer, assuming that I get to work at summer school.

My grandparents came in for their regular Friday afternoon routine: lunch, recess, and then grading and filing papers! Except today I didn't have any papers for them. Instead, they helped me clean and organize and pack. They are so awesome!

Now I'm ready to sleep and its only 7:30! I'll try to stay up a little longer. :)

PS - I still haven't finished the DVD for my students. That's my weekend goal, so we'll see!

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  1. I totally tear up when I have to say good-bye. I served on a grand jury for a month and when I left I got teary. how cheesy is that. Ha.