Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My bribery is working so well! Last week I went shopping and spent an insane amount of money on toys for my students in order to "motivate" them to behave. Really its just bribery but I don't care! It's working!

At this point, my two high-flyers are competing for a semi-truck full of Hot Wheels. There are about 20 Hot Wheel cars in it, and I seriously saw these boys go speechless when I showed it to them. Their mouths actually fell open. Its like the equivalent of showing me a box set of ER and Beverly Hills 90210.

These two boys are working to earn points, and the one who has the most will get the truck at the end of the week. Thinking ahead to next week, I went to the store today and bought two Bakugans. These are the strangest boy toys that I have been exposed to but they are the coolest things for 8 year old boys right now. Believe me I know.

I'm such a softy though, I already feel sorry for the one that isn't going to win. But, he is aware of the rules and chooses not to follow them, so I guess I need to toughen up.

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  1. I wish you were my teacher! I don't remember a whole lot about 2nd grade but that Karlie came and I had a mushroom haircut... pretty sure my teacher only gave us stickers though! You rock!