Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They are MINE

This is my second year as a classroom teacher. (My first 4 years I was a computer teacher.) And last year I absolutely fell in love with my first real class. So when I got back to school this year, I really missed them. It was hard not to constantly compare my current class to last year, and this class was seriously lacking!

But something has slowly occurred. I have fallen in love with this class. It happened so gradually, that I didn't even realize it. I started noticing a common theme in my thoughts about my class: "They are SO smart!" "Look how cute they are!" "These kids are cracking me up!" And stuff like that. And it took a while before I realized that I was proud of them! They are MINE and I love them!

It is such a good feeling to love the children you spend the entire day with. It feels more like a family instead of a job. It makes it easier to smile and laugh instead of get fed up and yell. It makes you want to work harder to design lessons that they will like. It makes you want to teach the same skill over. and. over. until they finally GET IT.

I'm usually a glass-half-full kind of person, so it pains me to think this... I'm going to lose them and start over again next year! At least I know what to expect for next year and I can prepare for my emotions. As for now, I'm going to focus on this connection with my kids and use it to help motivate me to do my best for them.


  1. I have been in love with many of my classes.(Not all of them.)
    The first class I taught at the elementary level is now 28.
    I am close to many of them still and 3 are teachers!!!
    No one has really come close to them.
    I get it.

  2. Your kids are so lucky to have such a loving, caring teacher to nurture them and teach them. Years from now you will learn the impact you had on their lives.

  3. Awww!! I love that you love it! We would be such great freinds in real life, you and me- us teachers!! : )