Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration + Snow

Today was a cool day at school. My kids were so pumped when they got to school. "Miss, do you know that we are going to get a new president today?" "Did you know its going to snow today?" "Obama is going to be our president!" "Can we build a snowman at recess?" This was my morning as I tried to maintain some sense of normalcy.

But around 11:30 we turned on the TV and they watched closely. The best part was when they announced, "President-elect Barack Obama!" The crowd in Washington went wild and so did my class! It was too cute! They clapped and cheered and one little boy pumped his arm in the air and shouted Oooobaaamma! Well, we had to go to lunch shortly after that. And in elementary school, you better not be late for lunch. But when we got to the cafeteria they had a TV in there and we were able to watch the actual swearing in. (Which was the part that I really wanted them to see.)

No matter who you voted for, today was an inspiring day.

As far as the snow day went, we didn't see one little flake during the school day. But the kids just couldn't understand why we couldn't build snowmen or throw snowballs. As kids who have never really seen snow in their life, all they can imagine are scenes from books and movies. I tried to explain that the ground was too warm for it to stick, but they didn't quite get it. Sure enough, about an hour after school was out, the snow started to fall. And it was beautiful! Not even one flake is on the ground, but still very pretty. This southern girl can appreciate it but I'm very thankful that we aren't dealing with it for months.

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