Sunday, June 14, 2009

1:10 AM

I thought I'd stop in and say hello since I can't sleep! Only 2 days until I leave for Thailand! I'm leaving Tuesday morning and flying to Atlanta, then Tokyo, then Bangkok. I'll spend the night there and then fly to Krabi the next day. (Click on that link to see some pictures of beautiful Krabi!) So, all together, there will be about 23 hours of flying!

And I'm pretty much ready. But my brain won't settle! At about midnight I got up and packed some of my bathroom stuff, then made up my guest bed, washed the dishes in my sink, and here I am still not tired. I guess I'll go try to sleep again!


  1. so excited, you can't sleep! Love you girl! Get some rest!

  2. Good luck, tomorrow!!! You'll be in my prayers the whole time ... LOVE YA!