Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Procrastinating on my report cards...

Okay, since I really don't want to start the monumental task of report cards, here are some things that make me happy...

This tree! It has the prettiest white blossoms on it right now. Its my favorite thing about this tree.

I love looking out my door, seeing the blue wreath with the white blossoms in the background. Hoping for green grass soon!
My tulips have started to bloom!

And this little boy is the best!
How could you say no to this face?


  1. Katie, your tulips look great and I could not say no to Toby, he is the best. Grandma.

  2. Aw, I love your pictures. You've really learned how to capture the Tobster. You would like Macon... they are "famous" for their cherry blossom trees, so right now all of the pink buds are blooming! Very pretty.

  3. I cant wait to come visit and see toby woby!