Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weather questions

Today I invited a meteorologist to my classroom to culminate our weather unit. At the end of his presentation, he asked the class if they had any questions. I cringed inwardly because my students aren't always the best at asking questions. When I ask them if they have any questions, once in a while I will get an actual question. But most of the time I get these kinds of responses:

  1. "Um, um, um..." (long pause) "I forgot."

    Or (here's my favorite)

  2. "One time, when I was visiting my grandma we saw snow and then we put on our jackets except for Austin who couldn't go outside because he was in trouble and then we made snow angels and played in the snow and we tried to make snow balls but the snow melted and then we went inside and made a fort from my grandma's sheets and we hid from my mom but she found us!"
So you can understand why I cringed. But, my kids did a pretty good job asking actual questions (we practiced before he got there!)

But the best was when one little boy asked, "Why does the weather change?"

And without skipping a beat, another little boy turned around and said, "Jesus, boy!!"

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