Saturday, December 27, 2008

My homemade Christmas gifts

The original idea was to save money and make Christmas gifts instead of buying them. I don't know if any money was actually saved after all my trips to fabric stores, craft stores, and Wal-Mart. But it was fun and I think a homemade gift is always appreciated.

I made three different things: rice heat therapy bags, eye pillows for headaches, and lavender sachets. Most of my ideas came from this page on Sew Mama Sew, which is a great site if you sew or try to like me! Although some of the stuff was too difficult for me, so I simplified a lot! (They tell you to cut fabric into 2 x 7.75" strips!? So I just cut them into 2 x 8" strips and it seemed fine to me!)

Here's my little set up with my ironing board on the floor and laptop readily available. I was making my first rice heat therapy bag cover.

And here is the bag that goes inside with rice.

I put these on the floor to take a picture and Toby thought they were pretty cool. They close with Velcro. (Yeah, I sewed Velcro!!)
Then I started cutting about 100 fabric squares for the sachets. Okay maybe not 100 but it felt like it.

Here are the finished sachets. I was pronouncing them "sash-ets" until I told my little sister Karlie and she sweetly said, "um, do you mean sash-ays?" Oops. I wanted to put real lavender in them and I went to florists and everywhere I could think of but no luck. So I ended up putting batting inside and then a couple drops of essential lavender oil.

As an afterthought I whipped up these little headache pillows. You are supposed to put them in the freezer. (Don't you like how I say "whipped up" like it was no big deal?!)
I don't have a picture of this but to finish off the gifts I put a little tag tied with ribbon to each of them. It gives directions on how to use them (heat the rice therapy bag in the microwave for 2-3 minutes) and says "Homemade with Love!"

I will definitely be making gifts again. Next time I probably won't wait until 2 days before to get started!


  1. Katie you are so clever. It is fun to see how you actually made our gifts.

    Keep up the good work, we love them.


  2. I am really impressed with these. I hope you will repost this next year so I can steal the ideas.
    I love them.