Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My lack of blogging...

I've kinda disappeared off the blog radar lately. My life just hasn't been very blog-worthy. Its been ho-hum, blah and pretty much work, eat, sleep, repeat. And then when blog-worthy things happen, but I'm just blah so I don't write about them.

Maybe its because its 90 degrees in October.

Maybe its because there's a full moon and my students are living up to the theories about full moons.

Maybe its because my dog won't. stop. barking.

Maybe its because I discovered the fourth season of Beverly Hills 90210 online.

Maybe its because God is dealing with me about some things that I'm not ready to blog about yet...

I promise I'll get on the ball soon and post some more updates. Thanks for checking in!


  1. Katie I am glad to see you are at least writing something. Sorry I missed your call yesterday. You do such a good job of blogging. I look forward to reading something everyday.
    Love, Grandma.

  2. i love you and grama

  3. Whatever God is dealing to you...I'm sure you will handle it beautifully.
    NOW...wait...I can watch 90210 online?
    The old one?
    Okay..I'm googling right now.
    What about Melrose?
    There's so much to do.