Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another before and after

You may recall that I absolutely love being outdoors. And I love working in my yard.


Just the opposite, I put off yard work until the last feasible moment.

Sometimes I go past that moment, and allow a jungle to grow in my flower bed, as evidenced by this picture.
It was so bad, that my neighbor who lives on the other side of the fence actually trimmed the top of the tree. (I knew this because then they put the branches over the fence and into my yard.)

So I thought about working on it for a few months. It takes a few months to really figure out how to tackle a thing like this. Really it does.

And then I asked my grandpa for help. I was his assistant. We had to dig up those canna lilies, pull out the landscaping timbers, and dig out that tree. Well, I say we but he did most of the work. My grandma and I did pull that tree out of the ground by sheer force while my grandpa went to ask a neighbor for an ax. (Like I always say, we don't need no ax!)

After we hauled it to the road it stayed there for a while because the trash men don't take stuff over four feet. The nerve.
But Frank came to the rescue and cut it up with his saw, and thankfully its gone now.

The next step is to add sod. It will probably take a couple of months of thinking about it first.

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  1. You name the day and we will be happy to come over with the sod.The area back there sure looks nice now. Have you seen your neighbors yet, I wonder if they even noticed.
    Love,, Grandma