Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This may be a sign that I am ready for summer

There is a certain student that I have to "talk" to several times every day. Let's call him Alex. He generally a good kid, he is just ALWAYS out of his seat and ALWAYS talking. So, during my day, I say "Alex" about 100 times.

The other day I was taking a little afternoon nap. Through my sleep, I heard Toby barking obnoxiously in the backyard. It finally woke me up...and I sat up and yelled, "ALEX! BE QUIET!"

Oops! Wrong name!


  1. hahaha, I've had several nightmares before where my class is totally misbehaving and out of control. Definitely get you some rest this summer! :)

  2. oh dear! thats a sure sign you need summer! so glad you're blogging again- love it!

  3. HA! Love it! It's just around the corner!

  4. That is an excellent teacher tale. love it.