Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Characteristics of believers

I just got a new Bible and I thought I'd do a study of what the bible says Christians should be like. I thought I should put it in first person so that I could apply it better. Here goes...

1. I should listen to Jesus' voice - John 10:3-4 the sheep know their shepherd's voice

2. I should be humble - a word study of this word showed that the Greek didn't exactly have a word for this concept, but in the study notes of my Bible it says something like, "humility is the antidote to self-love that poisons human relationships." Boy, is that good stuff. Another word the Bible uses that is similar to humility is meekness. "A gentle attitude that is patiently submissive in every offense while having no desire for revenge or retribution." (from the notes on Galatians 5)

3. I should be gentle. This goes along with humility. Matthew 5:5 - blessed are the gentle...gentleness is the opposite of being in control, and giving control to God.

4. I should live at peace with others - Romans 12:17-21. Overcome evil with good. Gosh is that hard to do sometimes. It says in verse 18 "if possible, live at peace with all men." I take that to mean that I should do EVERYTHING possible to be at peace with others. I can't control their actions, but I can control mine.

This is just a start, and plenty for me to work on!

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  1. There is no one I know that lives these words as you do. Love you!